Dear Finland

Dear Finland

A poem about my experiences in Finland

It’s been over one month now that I left Seinäjoki. My life back home and the language studies in Bern have started really well. I’m still travelling a lot – from Liechtenstein, to Bern, to Nürnberg – and I’m happy. However, still there isn’t a day where I’m not thinking back to the last half year I spent in the very north. It’s been a period of my life where I was freer, happier and probably much stronger than ever before.

As a memory for me and as a little information how I experienced it for you, I wrote a little “poem”. [Definition poem] If it really can be declared as a poem might be questionable but after I finished my literature and linguistics studies I might be able to judge that. For the moment when can maybe also just consider it as a random collection of my feelings. :)

But before revealing you my amazing poetry skills I first would like to sing the praises of the WORLD BEST mentor. And as big authors sometimes do that in a book (and as I already raised myself to a poet before I’ll also call myself a big author now) I want to dedicate this to her.

I can’t express how grateful I am that I could work and see you so often because it is not always so common between EVS and mentor to become so good friends.  Thank you for being you.


But now, here’s the poem: :)

Dear Finland,

Already I miss your late, orange sunsets
The beauty of your extremely flat and wide scenery
covered with forest, flowers and lakes
The moment where I realise that it’s already midnight and it feels like 8 pm.

I miss already your deeply snow covered streets in winter
and the long dark hours
Your unbearable but somehow still bearable minus degrees
The deadly sheets of ice, ready to break my bones

I miss your Seinäjoki and especially Marttila
The view from my window
on the deep black river, similar to Tuoni’s
The streets I used to bike on

I miss your special eating habits
For example the milk I used to drink with every meal
Having the fifth cup of coffee in a day
Your potatoes

I miss the "hyvä löyly" of your famous saunas
The sound that it makes
The cold Karhu which is getting warmer sip by sip
The breath-taking cold water we bath in afterwards

I somehow even miss that funny hand showers next to the toilets
The ticking of your car heaters in winter
And your electric door locks –
With the curse they cause

I miss the politeness among your people
The understanding  when you want to be quiet
Your dominating loyalty and faith
Your funny language

But most of all, I miss your lovely people
With their effort to make me feel comfortable
How they created laughter and happiness -
And how suddenly they turned into good friends

See you soon, Finland
Yours truly


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