My Erasmus

During the past 2 months I have been living in Seinäjoki. Working in the city hall center as an Erasmus student.


Last year I promised myself that I would search new opportunities and learn a lot about the world. During these 2 months I have visited several places in Finland and also Sweden. This experience has allowed me to learn a lot about different cultures, and it opens your mind and demonstrates you that your country is not the center of the world.

An experience like this also shows you that you are capable of overcoming a lot of thing and allows you to grow as a person. I have made very good friends, friends that mean a lot for you. You meet people in a situation that creates very strong conections and I believe that these frienships last forever.

juan2.jpgDuring this time, I’ve seen a lot of things in Seinäjoki. From a soccer match to a lot of beautiful places surrounded by nature. Being in Seinäjoki also gave me the opportunity to travel around Finland and other countries.

I also have to say that everyone from SEDU and the City Hall made this experience very easy. They helped with everything I needed and that made this experience very easy and enjoyable.

All I can say is that everyone should try something like this, learn a lot and open your mind.

Thank You Seinäjoki!
Gracias Seinäjoki!
Kiitos Seinäjoki!


Text & pictures: Juan

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