Chronicles of an Italian in Finland. A new chapter: Seinäjoki


Hi! I’m Edoardo and I come from Italy, I´m 22 and  currently
(and since recently)  working in Seinäjoki for a European Voluntary Service’s project.



I’m Italian, more specifically from the warm and lovely island of Sardinia and I’ve been living in Finland since February. Previously I was working in Lapua in a Youth House and carrying out some youth-related activities, like working in a youngsters’ summer camp and taking a tour in the local primary schools to introduce myself and my country to the kids.

About my hobbies and interests I love to cook (you’d never say of an Italian right? Eheh), read books, hang out with my friends, meet new people and listen to their stories (and tell them mine of course).Moreover I´m trying to grow new interests like learning magic tricks with cards and take good pictures.



Well, first of all if you are Finnish and you are reading this don’t get offended by the title of the paragraph: I just wanted it to be catchy. In fact I love Finland (I would live here if I could) and that title was just to undermark the differences between it and my tricolored country.

Difference brings curiosity and curiosity is always good: this is where I’m gonna start telling. The wonderful experience that I’m currently living is called European Voluntary Service, which in a nutshell, is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live abroad for, depending on the length of the project, few weeks up to twelve months, with the European Union providing you with food money, given accommodation and pocket money.

In my view, though, all of this is meant to explore and get to know something different from your ordinary world, and what is more out of ordinariness for a warm island’s inhabitant than icy cold swims after hot saunas, mooses, reindeers and frigid temperatures? Useless to say that I find all of this extremely fascinating; the more something is different the better I can learn about it and in matter of differences between Finland and Italy there are plenty of them: traditions, habits, culture even simply the landscape, and every single aspect is worth to be fully lived and experienced.

“Adventure” has been my vehicle, “curiosity” is my fuel and after 9 months away from pasta, pizza and espresso I still don’t regret my decision.



Now that I’m writing this article (8.-9.10.) one week is gone since I moved from Lapua and it has been an energetic and stimulating one.

Even though my main task is to work in “JOJO” a meeting place for young adults next to the train station in Seinäjoki, for the past week I’ve been part of the team that was hosting an Erasmus project for youth workers: “Youth and Business”. My duty was to co-manage the Instagram page of the event (you can check it out here ) and to take pictures and videos of the event for an overall documentation.
I have to say that I found it stimulating, I gave my best out trying to take good pictures and spending time with the whole team was really nice.

I had gotten my self esteem down from being surrounded by brilliant people that are doing very good in their respective fields, so this gave me to think that I should work harder and do something more meaningful that leaves my footprint where I’ve been. All of this by the way, is not said by jealousy, I’m rather taking it as a source of inspiration and motivation. Every single activity, presentation or meeting was productive, so at the end of the day I was going to bed tired but satisfied. Now that the whole thing is over, I’m already missing it and missing to hang out with people from all over Europe and see and be in touch with cultural diversities.

In conclusion I can say now that an adventure has gone and a new one is about to start;  tomorrow I’ll officially start working in JOJO and I feel full of good vibes and ready to take off: I’m really looking forward to see what kind of events that is gonna bring to my life!


Text and pictures: Edoardo

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