15 Portuguese expressions, part 1.

Portuguese language is full of funny words and sayings. Everytime you try to translate some of our expressions, people just look at you and think that you are crazy or you are just blurting stupid things out of your mouth.

I decided to introduce to you 15 Portuguese expressions that will blow your mind, at least until I explain what they mean. 

Here's part one of "15 Portuguese expressions that will blow your mind."


10.jpg“Ir com os porcos”
Translation: “Going with the pigs” 

Meaning: A Portuguese person doesn’t die. We go with the pigs.
Example: Manuel went with the pigs.




11.png“A pulga atrás da orelha"
Translation: "A flea behind the ear"

Meaning: A Portuguese person didn't suspect anything. We have a flea behind the ear.
Example: Did Maria and José break up? I have a flea behind the ear.




5.jpg "Barata tonta"
Translation: "Silly cockroach"

Meaning: A Portuguese person is not clumsy. We are silly cockroaches.
Example: You are a silly cockroach looking at this map




12.jpg "Acordar com os pés de fora"
Translation: "Waking up with feet outside"

Meaning: A Portuguese person is not in a bad mood or irritated. We wake up with feet outside.
Example: Leave me alone! I woke up with feet outside.




13.jpg "Estar com os azeites"
Translation: "Being with the olive oils"

Meaning: A Portuguese person is not upset. We are with the olive oils.
Example: Don't piss him off today. He is with the olive oils.





8.png "Muitos anos a virar frangos"
Translation: "Many years turning chickens"

Meaning: A Portuguese person is not experienced. We have many years turning chickens.
Example: He has worked here for 50 years. It's many years turning chickens.




14.jpg "Engolir sapos"
Translation: "Swallowing frogs"

Meaning: A Portuguese person doesn't shut up and listen to bad things. We swallow frogs.
Example: "The customer is always right" and I am always swallowing frogs.




9.png"Tirar o cavalinho da chuva"
Translation: "Taking the little horse out of the rain"

Meaning: A Portuguese person doesn't give up. We take the little horse out of the rain.
Example: You'd better take the little horse out of the rain, I am not cooking pasta today.




Text: Inês

Images: https://www.behance.net/gallery/24478537/Portuguese-sayings-that-make-absolutely-no-sense

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