Schweinfurt exchange 2018

With all those posts about YOUTHtopia, did you get the feeling that you want to participate in a youth exchange as well? Do you also want to meet people from a different country and get to know them? Their culture, traditions?
In August 2018 you have the chance to participate in the Schweinfurt-Seinäjoki exchange. Schweinfurt is the partner city of Seinäjoki and there have been already some exchanges between these two cities. Last year I could participate in the exchange that took place here in Finland. Some young people from Seinäjoki were hosting a big group of Germans in the camp place Kessula. This summer a Seinäjoki group has been visiting them in Germany. Laura was participating there and has written an article about it which you can check here.

From 1st until 10th August 2018 there will be organised a camp again in Seinäjoki and the Schweinfurters are coming here. Would you like to be a host for them as well?

Only restrictions are that you are between 14 and 17 and that you are open to meet many new people and have fun!

If you want to participate you can fill this form (ILMOITTAUTUMISLOMAKE_Sw_2018.pdf) and send it to Suvi ( She’ll also answer your questions if there are any.

Here are some impressions about the camp from last year. It was a great camp! I enjoyed to be there a lot and I recommend to everyone to participate in the camp next year.


A group picture.






The leaders from the German group. Heike, Helmuth and Stella.


Text and photos: Anja Kaufmann

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