15 Portuguese expressions, part 2

Portuguese language is full of funny words and sayings.

Here's part two of "15 Portuguese expressions that will blow your mind."


15.jpg"Partir a loiça toda!"
Translation: “Breaking all the plates"

Meaning: A Portuguese person doesn't cause problems/succeed. We break all the plates.
Example: I am going to defend my master thesis and I am breaking all the plates.




6.png"Ter muita lata"
Translation: “Having a lot of cans"

Meaning: A Portuguese person doesn't have a lot of nerve. We have lots of cans.
Example: I just met him and he already asked me to give him money.




16.png"Ès boa como o milho"
Translation: “You are as good as corn"

Meaning: A Portuguese person is not sexy. We are as good as corn.
Example: Look at that chick! She is as good as corn/as hot as corn.




1.jpg"Cara podre"
Translation: “Rotten face"

Meaning: A Portuguese person isn't shameless. We have rotten face.
Example: Hey teacher, what's up? Wanna hang out?




4.jpg"Vai chatear o Camões"
Translation: “Go piss off Camões"

Meaning: A Portuguese person doesn't want you to leave him alone. We want you to go and piss off Camões.
Example: Stop bothering me. Go and piss of Camões.




2.jpg"Fazer de vela"
Translation: “Be a candle"

Meaning: A Portuguese person is not the third wheel. We are a candle.
Example: Would you like to go out with me and my boyfriend? Sorry, I don’t want to be a candle.




7.jpg"À sombra da bananeira"
Translation: “Being in the shadow of a banana tree"

Meaning: A Portuguese person is not worry free. We sit under the shadow of a banana tree.
Example: Why are you sitting under the shadow of a banana tree if you have homework to do?




Text: Inês

Images: https://www.behance.net/gallery/24478537/Portuguese-sayings-that-make-absolutely-no-sense

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