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Hello! My name is Edoardo Lai I'm 21 years old and I am from the Island of  Sardinia (in Italy), on the left if you´re looking at the map from above, I live in the very southern part of the island, in a city next to Cagliari (the capital city) called Quartu Sant'Elena, a few kilometers away from the coast.

I am kind of a lazy person so at the moment I'm not practising any sports or frenetic hobbies, but I like cooking (such a stereotypical italian thing, right? ),going to the beach (my Island has really beautiful seasides) reading books and hanging out with my friends.

I´ve been living  in Lapua since the 9th of February with Patrick, my austrian roommate. I´m here because of EVS  (European Volunteering Service). My project is to work in the Youth House of Lapua with youngsters and it will last until the 9th of October.

Why Finland? I wanted to pick a country not so near to Italy and if it was possible, with a different culture: the more a culture is different from mine the more I can learn from it, that is what I think. I believe I reached my goal, in fact there are many different things from Italy and I liked this fact.

The challenges:

One of the hardest things I had to deal with was the weather of course, since looks like Italian winter is like Finnish spring. Also since I had never seen snow before, the countrysides were brand new to me and I found them very beautiful and suggestive.

People are very nice here, they are kind of shy and they need more time maybe to get comfortable with you, but it's ok you can deal with it without any problem and the most important thing, if you get in troubles or you really need help for practical things, all the finnish shyness is gone and finns can be very helpful and reliable to you.                                                                                

About my personal experience as a volunteer and as a traveller, I'm very glad to be right here right now. Even if 3085 km separate Italy from Finland, the decision of joining this adventure was taken fast and with a lot of certainty.

“UNBELIEVABLE” is the right word, because before to come here I had never left  Italy, not even for a short trip, so all I could do was to listen to my friends´ stories , (the ones who travelled or who have been exchange students) and to base my opinion of the outside world on their experiences.

At this moment of my life I felt like it was my time to take the risk. This time is about me, the World and nothing else.

My efforts and my courage have been paid off with the chance to live a totally mind opening experience, the opportunity to push my limits over the edge, to live outside the comfort zone and to try to find the answers to the questions about my life in a different context than the one in which I had ever lived in until now.

These are the words I can write about myself and this new journey for now. I've been here for 2 months and 6 more are about to come., but it has been a really good start to me and I'm really looking forward the next months and hoping they will get even better. I'm really excited about the idea of learning new things and know more about finnish culture, If I could wish something to the future myself, I would wish him not to head back home the same that he was before to leave Finland, to do not burnout and to keep travelling and learning as much as he can.

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