Candies in my way? I will keep them all and build a sweet castle…


The day was cold but sunny. The city was covered by shinny snow, already starting to melt. The ground was slippery and some people were struggling not to fall. Citizens were all over the streets holding buckets and waiting for the students to come by. “Penkkarit” is the name of the most awaited day of the seniors in high school. They all come out of classes to celebrate this time of their lives. Lives that are about to change very soon and they don´t even imagine how. The smiles on their faces and the costumes they were wearing transmitted all the joy they were feeling at that moment.


Suddenly it started to rain candies and people started to run and collecting it from the streets and the roads. These future grownups offered to the people of their country and city a sweet opportunity to smile and to wish them the best luck of the world. These small flying candies are the perfect metaphor for this transition of their paths. It was like their little childhood and innocence were spreading wings and flying to another dimension. One day, those smiles will be remembered in their most warm memories.

Being a teenager is one of the greatest challenges we face in the beginning of our lives. It starts with body and mental changes and finish when we are ready to move forward, or at least when we think so. The truth is that we will always feel like teenagers. We will always feel like we are floating in that time that never comes back. Being a teenager is one of the best things in life and saying goodbye to it is the first step to grow up, so others can come to that point of their lives.


One day I was also a teenager and today I look back and if I could I would travel to that time in the past just to feel the things I felt before. Everything was more intense and innocent. Luckily growing up has also a few things that we might like. We feel more secure of ourselves and we are more conscious of our feelings. Growing up doesn´t mean leaving this child going away and disappear in the end of the road. Remember that the candies you were carrying with you that day stayed there and your inner child will always try to find it.

Kids, teenagers or grownups. No matter what you are. You will always have the will inside you to pursue these candies and make your future a sweet and meaningful life. To all of those who are about to progress to another level, be brave, be yourselves and never forget to follow what you like the most, even if it makes no sense to anyone else. You are the one who matters.


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