Internationals in Seinäjoki 4/6

Mosab and Musaab are refugees from Iraq living in Seinäjoki. In our interview I got so somehow understand how it feels to be a refugee and I learned how bravely Mosab and Musaab manage to slowly find back the pieces from their broken puzzle of life here in Seinäjoki.





Mosab and Musaab

Where are you from?

They are both from Iraq.

How long have you been in Finland?

For 2 years.

Why are you in Seinäjoki?

They both had to flee from their home country because their lifes were in danger. After a month long odyssey through Europe they arrived to the Swedish immigrant centre on the border to Finland and they were sent to Seinäjoki. In that centre they also met each other for the first time and they became good friends right away.

What are you doing in Seinäjoki?

Mosab has studied media and Musaab has studied to become a pilot. It took them pretty long to find a job in Seinäjoki and unfortunately they are not able to work in the field in which they are trained at the moment. But now they are both working as a cook in a restaurant in Seinäjoki and for now they are really glad and happy about that.

Did you have any difficulties when you came here? Do you feel well integrated?

“There are three kinds of people that we have been facing here: the ones who want to help us, the ones who are just quiet and the ones who are racist”, Musaab said. They both have difficulties with their integration in the daily life and with feeling welcome. “Many people think that we are stupid”. And many people are afraid to trust them, because they are getting influenced by negative social media posts.

What do you miss about your home?

Musaab and Mosab both miss their families, the culture and the respect they naturally had back home. “Here it sometimes feels like we start from -50”.

What would you miss about Finland if you were back in Iraq?

“The peace.” Musaab and Mosab are really glad and thankful that they can be here in Finland. “It’s our first step into the future, it’s like a new birth”. They had everything once, as we do have it now. They had big plans for the future. But that was taken from them, like many other things as well. “You can give up for one day, a week or even longer”, Mosab said, “but life goes on.” “And so that the life can smile back at you, you have to smile at it first.” Musaab added. In general I felt that they both are really positive people and they are always smiling.

What is your favourite place in Seinäjoki?

There isn’t a special favourite place for them in Seinäjoki. “It might be every place that makes me forget.” Musaab said.

Text and photo: Anja Kaufmann 

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