A new beginning

Two weeks ago the Yläaste in Peräseinäjoki got enriched with two classes of new 7th graders. They had their "entrance event" yesterday and I had the pleasure to be there with Saila from Seinäjoen 4H-yhdistys and Mirka as a deputy for the Dixi youth house in Peräseinäjoki.

The day was mainly about getting to know each other and approach each other in some games. In the morning the students were spread in four groups to visit different stations. They got some information from their teacher and had a circus workshop. At our station we made name tags with them. Despite some starting difficulties with the badge machine everybody finally got her or his own name tag and we went to lunch break.



At 12 o’ clock the program continued in Ahonniemi, a wonderful camp place in Peräseinäjoki, where the older students from Yläaaste played some getting-to-know games with them.

The funniest game they played: two groups are competing each other in singing. The referee is says word and the players have to come up with a song that contains that word. But not only that. To get a point their naked foot has to be in the bucket in the middle, which is filled with everything you wouldn’t like to have on your feet. So your voice is not only enough, you also have to be quick! Which songs come to your mind with these words: aurinko, taivas, juna… ?



Our station was about youth information. What the 4H organisation is about, when Dixi is opened for the 7th graders and how you can become a reporter in Kantti, were some of the things they learned. And to not only make them listen us all the time we also played two games together.

For example: The last one gets a picture to draw on the back of the person in front of her or him. The one in the very front has to draw what he/she has received on his/her back. There wasn't a single picture they got right but it was a lot of fun to see the results.


In another station they had to run for water from the lake with broken cups and fill a bucket as fast as possible.


Unfortunately I didn’t see all of their activities but everything I saw seemed like a lot of fun.  A great start together into the first school year, I think! I wish them a lot of luck for the coming school years, a great time together and that their whole school time will be as successful as this start.

Anja Kaufmann


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