EVS life

Hey everyone!

It’s me again, Jonah. I have some new information about my last weeks.

Last 2 months was flying away so fast, if I would tell you the whole story I would sit here the next two days but of course I give you some news.

Let´s start with January when I came back to Finland. I was very excited to be back and I know it the project will end, but I still have had 6 months and now 3 months left. A half time flies away. So January starts very good, then there came tha Holland Project: it was si funny to work with Dutch and the Finnish students. We played Laser war, went skiing and many things more.

After the Holland project came normal working weeks that you already know.

Now (March 10,2017) I have a very busy, this weekend there are coming some friends here. After that I have two normal weeks and then I have the first project week: I give video CV presentation to students so much preparation stuff to do. Then comes the next project this time with students from Italy. I am so excited what would come.



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