Aaand another YOUTHopia post

The last thing I would really like to share with you about the YOUTHopia exchange are some new words in our participants’ languages. One of our rules was to learn a new word each day and we somehow expanded it to one word in each language – so, six new words a day.

Every morning we picked a word and translated it together to all the other languages. Always somebody who spoke the word as native speaker had to teach the others how to say it because it could be quite difficult to get the right pronunciation – especially with the Polish words!





We translated some basics like Good morning, How are you? and Thank you but also something funnier like the swear words in each language.

Funny fact about the Dutch swear words: they actually aren’t swear words. The Belgians tricked us and proposed two completely random words. Grasparkiet and DubbeldekkerbusAnyway, we know now what that means! Thank you for that!


One day we tried to figure out what could be the Finnish word Noni translated in other languages. That was a rather difficult task as it can have so many meanings: 

Some might know this video already but for me it’s funny again every time I watch it. And it’s really helpful! We watched it also together in the camp and everybody ended up occasionally saying Noniiiiii during the whole week.


Unfortunately nobody happened to take a picture of that flip chart but here are the “translations” for the Noni

Polish: NO DOBRA
Catalan: COLLONS
Spanish: BUENO
Dutch: AWEL
German: NA, NUN

Text: Anja Kaufmann 

Photos: Małgorzata Majewska and some others


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