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Hey Everyone!  Now I have been nearly 3 months here in Finland, and I have to say that Finland Rocks.

So the first 3 weeks was very hard for me, I was really homesick.  Then already came the On-Arrival-Training and that was great, with some problems in the beginning and some bad news from Austria. The people that I met there was very friendly and nice. We all learned some things about being an EVS, and what that means to us and to other people. We made some teambuilding games and that was really awesome. The week was so fast over and we all had to say goodbye, but we will meet again.

After my On-Arrival-Training, I worked 2 more weeks, and then I went back to Austria for one week.  It was good, but it showed me, that I really want to go back to Finland.

I worked with Toni in the Skatehall. It was great, and I learned my first skate board skills, lol. We spoke a lot and listened to some music.  The day was long, but good.

The days and weeks are going so fast at the moment.

After working with Toni, I worked with Päivi, and that was actually the best working day here in Finland. Of course all days are great, but with Päivi I had the coolest day.  It showed me a very interesting side about youth work, and I am already thinking about to do something more in that direction. Helping persons with problems is a work where I had this feeling that I really did something good and helped them.

So the other working days are also good. I love to be every Friday in Lyseo school, and see how great work the teachers are doing. Finnish language course is hard but good, The theater groups that I have are also something good, different from as in Austria but good.

I also have my bad days. I planned 2 Austrian evenings, and the first one was not good. It was, let me say it loud Horrible, and the second Austrian evening was planned for the 18th of November, but nobody was interested to participate so we cancelled it. That showed me one of the hard sides of working with youngsters or young adults.

The EVS Boy from Seinäjoki

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