Hi, how are you ?

My name is Jonah, and I am 23 years old.  I am EVS (European voluntary service) from AUSTRIA. Reason why I am here, is I was thinking Finland, why not?  Austria is also a cold country, but Finland is much colder. 

I do different things here every day, for example, on Mondays I work in the Youth Center Office and Childrens Theater, on Tuesdays I make some Circus worshops and stuff like that in schools and on Wednesdays I am in the new Youth Center at the Train Station (for Young Adults and Students). Thursday ir boring day because its Office Day at the Youth Center,  but the people there make it better and Teresa is the best and also Terhi :). On Fridays I work at the Lyseo school and join some classes and tell about myself and see what they are learning there. Weekends I have free time and I do some activities and stuff like that. That’s me and little bit of my work here.

See you, Jonah  

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