Toukokuu = Matkakuu, Part 2

Helsinki, Tallinn and Pori

The weekend after Turku I met a friend in Helsinki, who is also doing an EVS but in Denmark. We met on our Pre-departure training which was held in Liechtenstein before we left. (I´m still marvelling how much the EVS project gives opportunities to travel. You get to know so many people who can host you all over Europe!)

He decided to give me a visit in Finland and as I already have been to Helsinki quite some times now, I could show him around very well. We did the typical touristic sights in Helsinki and of course also took a ferry to Suomenlinna, where we picnicked the whole day. The weather was marvellous and every time I go there I like it even more!

With one of my EVS friends who I met again in Turku the week before I decided to go to Tallinn as I was already in Helsinki and as I would come back on Wednesday for the Mid-term training anyway. So on Sunday morning my visitor left back to Denmark and I left to the ferry with my EVS friend.

Before we went to the ferry we had a big breakfast in our apartment that we had rented for the weekend and we arrived to the gate very amused and funny because we had some juice with us which was left over from the last night. Also in the ferry, after all the stress in the Check-in we decided to have one more juice. We sat on the sunny deck nearly the whole travel and towards the end checked out the Karaoke bar. We were so amused by the fact what a big event this journey to Estonia is for the Finnish people. I´ve never been on a really big ferry like this so it was so funny for me to see how the Finns can turn a 2 ½ hour ferry ride in the morning hours into a big party.

When we finally arrived to Tallinn we were extremely happy about the weather because we had reckoned with rain but the sun showed its face the whole day. It seemed that it was chasing me as that day it started to rain in Finland.

However, our journey wasn´t over yet. We had to walk quite a long time to our hosts place. We found him over Couchsurfing and it turned out to be the best decision we ever made! (Couchsurfing is a platform where you can find hosts all over the world who offer their couch for free. Highly recommendable!) He is a very admirable personality. With his 21 years he´s really successfully running a small Cafe chain and jobbing as a model and he seems to know exactly what he wants and needs to do. All of this, without feeling superior to us. Our characters harmonised very well together and it felt as if we would have known each other already for a long time.

During our stay we ate and drank very well, wherever we went. My friend and me were feeling like kings because finally we could spend a little bit more money than we are used to spend in Finland, as everything seemed so cheap to us. Because of that and the charm of Tallinn´s old town, I couldn´t help falling in love with Tallinn. Everything was perfect as it was.

Here some impressions.
In the street where our host lived many houses looked like this one. And most of them were very colourful.

In the old town

This Japanese woman just gave us  a really beautiful origami swan. Just like that. How happy we were!

This small street is very popular in Tallinn. Everyday there´s one guitarist, fulfilling the romantic scene with some acoustic sounds.

This is a 24/7 opened flower market.

Other amazing places we could discover because our great host showed us around
The Kadriorg palace

Tallinn´s hipster area

… and finally, our amazing host.

We were really lucky to have him. It´s so much better to discover a city with local people. They know all the places to be and can help you with anything. So, for us it was almost as being a local Estonian as well. :-)

Partly happy and partly sad we left Tallinn to head to the Midterm training. What an Odyssey it was! (More about that in my other article called: Mi casa es tu casa - Mid-term training 18.5.16 – 20.5.16)

During the Mid-term training I met two new EVS, who haven’t joined our On-arrival training in February but who had it in September already. They were really nice and one of them even invited us for a huge EVS party in Pori the next weekend. Surprise surprise, I couldn’t say no to such an offer!

Therefore, I found myself in a 5h Onnibus to Pori the next Saturday. Sometimes I’m still surprised how much I changed. Back home I wouldn’t have jumped into a bus for five hours for only one night. Never. But here in Finland it seems so normal to me. And I hope that I can keep that when I come back home. How many interesting places I could discover around me, which are “only” five hours away!

The party was awesome! We went to a huge cottage 30 minutes from Pori to have a BBQ there. We enjoyed the evening and night with a lot of juice, good music (and dancing) and several sauna rounds which ended up in the lake. And the highlight, was that I again met so many awesome new people and got to know better the ones I knew already.
I know, for you, the pictures might not be the best ones but as long as they captured the best moments I just have to love them :-)

Anja Kauffman

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