Toukokuu = Matkakuu, part 1


Four weekends, four different cities, approximately 500 photos and a lot of new people. That’s what my whole May was about. The first weekend I discovered huge boats, walked on cobbled medieval streets, hiked to and on an island and chilled next to a castle and a huge cathedral. Yes, I was in Turku. It’s the oldest city in Finland and also the old capital. I travelled there with two EVS to visit two other EVS. We all met each other in the On-arrival training and I’m so glad about it.

As on Thursday was a public holiday we spent whole 4 awesome days there. We were without any great plans and just living for the moment every single day. Therefore we chilled a lot. The summer weather has just finally arrived to Finland and at every nice spot we sat down to just enjoy. It’s great not having to hurry from one sight to the other because you have planned enough time.

However, although we didn’t hurry we’ve seen and experienced so many things. For example we went to Ruissalo - one island in Turku –by foot. We probably walked 4 hours in whole, to the island and in the forest on the island, until we finally reached the beach. But still, not only the destination but also the way was awesome!


We also discovered the churches and boats of Turku and the Turun linna. Unfortunately we were too late to enter the Turun linna castle because we had a really exciting walk there. We climbed pieces of Turun art and even found a painting which was marked to take for free whoever likes it. Clearly we found it really great and my friend wanted to keep it but somehow, of course, we had to carry it home! That was a funny travel! We were really happy about it and that we could bring it home safely.




Some of those pictures are taken by one of my friends. She’s an awesome photographer and has a very interesting and beautiful character. I admire her a lot and I love her pictures. They will be marked with an (A). This is her photography page on Facebook:



The highlight of the weekend probably was that we met another EVS. When we left the park of Turun linna we were already really happy because we spent there several happy hours. We danced in the middle of the grass, with all the people watching us and later met a group of students, dressed in Star Wars costumes, who played several games there and even invited us to join them later. As if that was not enough we met a girl, who was on her way to take the Stockholm ferry. We knew her from the On-arrival training and it was a big surprise to see her spontaneously in Turku. It was awesome! It’s so funny how many EVS accidentally meet somewhere. It has happened so many times already that we are already talking about the Finnish EVS Mafia. Soon we’ll rule the world. :)



Anja Kauffman

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